Sunday, 26 September 2010

A butterfly cardi of satchel bag sorts....

oooooh get me on my blogging rampage! (well it is a quiet sunday afternoon so i shall be excused for this over excessiveness!) well.. LOOK WHAT WE HAVE HERE.  I absolutely adored this fabric when I picked it up its what the title says - satchel bag entwined until its but a meagre optical illusion. alluring and downright fascinating! FABRIC: £2. / 2m.  RESULT: a lovely cardi with enough sleeve volume/baggage to carry you through the wind. im off now to sail through winds and such.......... tada!

Jumpsuit with a stripy difference....

Jumpsuits are sort of "IN" at the moment in a niche sort of way.. this jumpsuit mostly influenced by a circus theme (think pinstripe), perhaps heading towards clown territory even! It is comfortable, edgy and great for everyday wear.  One of the first items I made! Total cost of material: £3.20.  Used approx 2.5m.  Great item to make for the first time mostly because it is designed to be baggy so mistakes are covered up.  Feel inspired! I'm going out to the lalalala town of circus in this.  Juggling fireballs perhaps whist winning a giant Penguin soft toy on the side playing the ole' coconut shy.    byeeeeee

Style! Blitz..... THE LAUNCH

I'm not sure what celebratory sounds to omitt for such blog launching ocassion (I have many a sounds) but I think I will opt for a laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalalalalalalalalala, which is rather appropriate because I am very much a lala sort of person. just so y'know.

OKAY what this blog is all about. It is a fashion blog. yet the conundrum is that it also ISN'T A FASHION BLOG. Right now my ideas are going *kaboom* around my head as to what this blog should centre upon (hence the title Blitz!) but I think I am going to largely focus upon my own fashion ideas/creations - as opposed to the majority of fashion blogs which centre upon current fashion trends.  I will be posting some of my personal art/fashion work as well as actual garments that I am working on. 

DISCLAIMER: I am first and foremost an absolute beginner in the world of clothes making.  I started about a month ago and have about 11 garments thus far.  These garments are quite simple due to the fact that I am a beginner and obviously not expert at tailoring.  I do not use paper patterns or a mannequin - I use existing clothes to look at their construction and therefore adapt patterns on to my own body to match my design vision.  So far I only make clothes that I can wear on a day-to-day basis so defintely nothing too extravagant like my conceptual designs because my tailoring skills are yet to match my designing skills!  These garments do have mistakes in terms of its construction so I am open to advice/criticism!

Anyway now the obligatory greeting part is over... .let the fashion frolics commence yeah.....? Passing you over to the next blog...